Outcast: a person who’s been rejected or ostracized from a society or social group.

Outcast was created by Kasey Pipitt. A former U.S. Army Ranger having grown up in the Southern California hardcore scene, living roughly all over the nation throughout his life, and being wounded in combat, he has a lot to say with a lot of attitude behind it. With his open yet, no holds barred perception on life, backed by an aggressive artistic attitude, Kasey wanted to create something that vibes with those of his kind. A place where outliers could be themselves and unleash the emotions that they’ve bottled up inside their entire lives in the form of creative writing. An outlet for those that don’t want to follow the societal expectations bestowed upon them. A place where the outcasts of this world could find that they aren’t alone.

We aren't here for validation. We aren't here for followers and likes. We are here to let you know that life is better without those things. That the validation and power you seek is within you, not outside of you.

Strive every day to live life with as much passion for what you do and as much intense execution as possible.

We are here and we have been waiting for you.