The Truth Shall Set You Free

By Kasey Pipitt

“Stupidity is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies”


The majority of people of this modern world are afraid. They live in fear of death, of illness, of going broke, of loss in any sense, but one thing they are more terrified of than anything is truth. Why? Because the truth is painful. Which is the second most thing people are afraid of, pain. With truth comes pain. Without one you cannot have the other. That doesn’t go to say that happiness is a lie or that feeling good is an illusion, but we don’t grow in happiness. We don’t grow when we are feeling good. What do I mean by the “truth” you might ask? I mean anything that may alter one’s reality and/or challenge their ego. I.e. political beliefs, religious beliefs, the idea that you may be the toxic person in an unhealthy relationship, even the idea that you might just be an asshole in general. These are truths that have the potential to alter our realities. To challenge our egos and cause us to look within rather than seeking an outside source for our hurdles in life.

A lot of people cling to their beliefs as though their lives depend on it. Whether it be religious or political. People will, no shit, go to war with each other over an indifference of opinion over either one of these. Now, I’m not one to sit here and tell you what I think is right or wrong. I remain neutral for the sake of the articles integrity. The scale in which conflict ensues because of these two spectrums of belief starts at the friendship level, then family, then all the way up to national governments. People die for these “causes.” Before you get your undies in a bunch, let me say I’m a veteran that fought in the recent war in Afghanistan and I would gladly do it again because I had my own reasons for being there that I don’t expect anyone to understand except those that were there with me. However, at some point we have to look in the mirror as a civilization and figure out what truly is worth fighting and dying for. I don’t feel like that as a civilization that we have reached that level of consciousness yet.

Fear inhibits the ability to take risks. To throw all your cards on the table and see what happens. We sacrifice adventure and a fulfilled life because we are afraid of the possible negative outcomes of any choice we make. Thankfully, we have the internet for some of us to appear as though we are fully living. After all, all that matters are what others see, right? Wrong. The high we get from people acknowledging our made-up lives on the internet will only last so long and like any other high, we build a tolerance to it, but I digress… Aside from taking risks such as moving, leaving a dead-end job, or the ultimate one; being alone, fear impacts other parts of our lives. One of the other big ones is not speaking up for yourself. A lot of us are afraid of confrontation so much that we take shit from people that we don’t deserve just to avoid that conflict. This so beyond unhealthy for our mental well-being. I’m no doctor or shrink, but I know, through research as well as my own experience that it has been proven that this creates resentment, anxiety, stress, which can lead to physical health problems. So, speak up!

The truth is, for a lot of us, we have to overcome the fear of it. We have to look in the mirror and accept what is. Fix what you can, let go of what you can’t. Make the hard, scary choices in your life. For we only grow in struggle. We do not progress in comfort and contentment. So, be alone, leave that town that you know is too small for you. Don’t let that fear of judgement prevent you from getting in the gym and taking care of your body. Speak up to those that hold you back from being your true selves. Let go of that part of your ego that is keeping you from doing what you know is right. As I always say, we have an obligation to ourselves to be the best version of us possible and it starts with overcoming fear. If we can overcome fear and accept the truth then we are on the path to happiness.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


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