The Koolaid Man Is Not Your Friend.

By Danielle Rachford

An outcast is defined as: a person who has been rejected by society or a social group. 

That notion is comical because in all reality the outcast is the one that is doing the rejecting of society, but our culture cannot even process the idea that an individual would rather be separate from the group. With the growth of social media we have been rotting from the inside out. The spread of misinformation, poor communication skills, and the plague of comparison, it has given the free thinkers even more of a reason to separate. 

Feel like you took the red pill instead of the blue pill and it’s time to unplug? Fall down this rabbit hole with me...

When a female and a male wolf hunt together. The male stands tall. Ready for battle. The female wolf lowers her head in front of him. This action is perceived by humans as weak, when in all reality, the female lowers her head to guard her own and her male counterparts vital organs. As the human race we have interjected our own emotional semantics onto a ritual carved out by nature and necessity. We made so many assumptions, made so many rules, and defined so many things that we are no longer in touch with our instinctual nature.

Step away from the machine that is barking misinformation at you. Stop buying the lies. That J-crew sweater won’t make you any more like able.

It is only deafening the sounds that we need to be in tune with. Crank up the volume and start marching to the beat of your own drum. Defining your own tastes. Knowing exactly what you want. Take the time to sit alone and make definitive choices. Stop listening to others and start allowing your own voice to come forward. Put your phone down. Designate a certain amount of allotted screen time. Talk to yourself. Be alone. Was that uncomfortable? Good. Do something that makes you uncomfortable every day and watch how quickly you find that self appointed discomfort has no legs to stand on. 

Understand your thoughts. Know your strengths as well as your limits, and be able speak on their behalf. Define who you are. Intimately understand the nature of yourself. This is inherently against our societies classical training. They would prefer to herd us. To tell us who to be. What to think. What to desire. Predetermined little boxes. Debt. White picket fence. Failed marriage. What they don’t tell you is that your coffin is your predetermined little box. What you do before you’re shoveled into it and forgotten is up to you. 

Your life will pass in a blip. Do yourself a favor and shut out the noise. Stop comparing. Right now. Confront your demons and make friends with them. Once you accept who you are and own it, they will begin to assist you rather than hinder you. Don’t listen to what anyone else says. Make decisions based purely on how it feels. Trust me. Everyone has their own noise following them around and in the grand scheme of things they are too preoccupied digging their own grave that whatever that tiny nagging thought is that keeps you awake at night, no one cares. 

You are alone. You are your own reality. You concoct every single day in your own head. You look through your own binoculars every. Single. Moment. Your path will intertwine with others but they will still be at an arms length. No one else is with you in your head. Make it pleasant for yourself. 

People will point the finger. Sure. Burn the witch! How dare you stand alone! They are merely jealous. They want that serenity. When it’s self harvested, no one can take it from you. No matter the situation you will always have it. A pocket full of sunshine during a hurricane. You cultivate that shit and you keep it. You can give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. You can teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime. Learn how to fish from the big lake of zero fucks. Allow those who cross your path to define their own roll in your life. Expectation will get you nowhere. Observance and acceptance will set you free. 

This is why the outcast is such a beautiful creature. Free from a society built on shoulds. Dancing to a song no one else can hear. Once your start thinking for yourself you’ll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge you will find. The people who will gravitate towards you and help you grow. Don’t be scared. Close your eyes. Let go. Jump. 

How can you fail when you have defined your own success? 

Join us. We are waiting. 

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