The Outcast Man

By Kasey Pipitt

“Not all men seek rest and peace. Some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood”

Robert E. Howard

A lot of men go through life with the most prevalent thing on their minds being, what does it mean to be a man? It’s a crucial part of a man’s journey in life to find the answer to this question. But, do we ever find THE answer? I would argue that there isn’t a definite answer to this question. I think that what it means to be a man varies on the man himself. The circumstances he’s born into, the sequence of events in his life, and the type of personality he holds. One could say being a man is centered around starting and raising a family, finding a good job to support said family and putting his kids through college. While I believe that if a man is put in the situation of being the head of a household, then this perception would constitute what being a man is. But, what about those of us that “pull out” and aren’t the head of a household? What about those of us that live life on the edge in a nomadic state of mind, always in search of the next adventure? What about those of us that don’t do what every other man has been doing for the last hundred years? I’m talking about the outcast man. So, if you’re a man that craves adventure, risk, and glory then this one is for you.

I read a lot of work by Jack Donovan. The author of “The Way of Men,” “Becoming a Barbarian,” and “A More Complete Beast.” If you don’t know who he is, he talks about a lot about the difference of being a man versus being good at being a man. His perception on the matter has influenced a lot of what this little scripture right here is about. However, I wanted to narrow it down to a specific type of man because I feel like the outlier male is ostracized. Considered lazy and immature because he doesn’t follow the prescribed notion that he’s been taught all of his life. The little mundane expectations like, for example, letting a corporation suck the life out of him. Ignoring his instincts to get out there and explore. In a society where everything seems to be accepted, I find it ironic that a man that lives for himself is not. Then again, I don’t. That would imply that he is under control. That is not what the outcast man is. Waylon Jennings once referred to us as “ramblin’ men.” We’re cut from a different cloth and that aspect should be embraced rather than feared. 

So, what does it mean to be a man in this realm of masculinity from an outcasts perspective? Whatever the fuck he wants it to mean! There is no set standard, rule book, or manual to this. That is the premise of the outcast man. He lives life on his own terms by his own code of morals and ethics, letting no one and nothing influence his mind. I know some of you pretentious folks are reading this and thinking, “how can he say a man should just do whatever the fuck he wants? What about the others in his life?! What a heathen!” Yep. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Now, does that mean any man that chooses to live his life on his terms is going to continue to be loved and respected by those in his life? Not always. However, that’s his cross to bear. If he chooses to live a life that others cannot get behind and it costs him everything that’s around him, that’s his problem. 

Don’t get this twisted. I’m not trying to promote a bad lifestyle that will cause others pain. However, what I am promoting is lifestyle for a man to figure out what he perceives a real man to be on his own. Which, holds the same potential. Every man’s ship is set on its own course across the high seas of life. Some end up in storms and wreck. Finding themselves stranded on a desert island writing S.O.S. in the sand hoping someone will come rescue them. While others make it through the storm, repair their ships and keep sailing. Some men are forced to grow up at young ages, some in war, some on the streets, and unfortunately, some never do. The point is, somewhere on this journey we either figure it out or we give up.

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