The Outcast Woman

By Danielle Rachford

An open letter from one outcast woman to the next. 

An outcast woman is very simple. She knows who she is. That’s it. She doesn’t have to be heavily tattooed, swear like a sailor, or listen to punk. She could be a suburbanite mother of three. There is no definitive cookie cutter mold. There is one consistent trait however, and that is the strength in her convictions. 

Too often women turn against one another. This is an event rooted in self-loathing, insecurity, and immaturity. Real women band together. This is because they are comfortable in their own shoes. They know exactly who they are, they love themselves for it, and therefore have the strength and wherewithal to stand up for others. 

The outcast woman does not envy. She does not see a younger, thinner, more fashionable woman on the street and scorn her in her head. The outcast woman is not jealous of the other woman’s shape because she loves her own shape, inside and out. She has done the work to appreciate herself with and without her own flaws. She will share in others successes because she herself is plentiful and grateful. She is hard working and determined. She does not take no for an answer and therefore can celebrate in others success because she knows hustle. 

This is purely a mindset. Plentiful does not mean big house. It means appreciative. Success is defined by each and every one of us. My success does not look the same as yours. This is where the outcast woman lies. She is a free thinker. She has ignored what magazines, movies, and commercials have been telling her she needs and defined it herself. So many people on this planet have taken the bait. Striven for things that they are told they need, or are defined by their email signature, but not her. Her confines are fluid. They are every changing. She stands out from the crowd with a limitless glow. The masses flock to her like a moth to a flame because she is so bright in her own accord. 

Not there yet? Me either. Keep working. 

You are beautiful. No matter what anyone told you at one point or another that made you think differently. They were wrong. They were projecting their own shit onto you because they were too weak to get out from underneath their own. They are cowards. They are sheep. 

Question everything. Do whatever the fuck you want. Ignore the haters. Live your life. Love yourself. 

Love the parts of yourself that you are too afraid to show everyone. Those are part of who you are too and you are beautiful. We all have our shitty sides. If you don’t think you do then you’re lying to yourself and you have a long, tiresome road ahead of you. 

Me? I’ll be topless, cruising’ the panhead of my dreams, under that blissful summer sun, going who knows where and laughing my ass off because I fucking want to. 

I’ll either high five you along the way...

...or not. 

Doesn’t matter to me. 

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