Live Outcast #1, Why You Aren't an Alpha Male

By Ian Stimbeck

In an age where the ideals of masculinity are at risk of being eviscerated by those who don’t relish in the face of adversity, there is an overuse of the term “Alpha Male.” Every male that is in fact “triggered” by others attempting to take their masculinity from them want to shout from the rooftops, “I’M AN ALPHA MALE!” As the saying goes, the loudest one in the room is usually the fullest of shit. The same can be said by those who feel the need to let everyone know in earshot that they are the most alpha in the room. The reality is you can claim you’re anything you want, in moderation of course. The question however is why you feel the need to let every stranger you come across your obvious insecurities? No one cares what you say you are, instead prove who you are through action.

Of all the professional men I’ve had the honor of crossing paths with, none of them felt the need to proclaim they were an alpha male. Hell, most of them actually despise being in the limelight. The reason is that true and honorable men live and breathe the quality of humility. They don’t believe they’re the best, perfect, or are free from failure. If anything, they understand that only through failure are they truly able to grow. The ionic part is that those that feel the need to tell others about their so-called great accomplishments, have in fact never done them. However even if they had, it more than likely happened so long ago that it bears no relevance to bring it up in the present. 

Those that bear no humility and instead embrace an unhealthy ego, rarely if ever put their skills on display. Why? It’s simple really, it would mean that their skills could be pitted against another’s and fail in the process. It’s so much easier to say you’ve done something or even will do something, it’s something completely different to actually be telling the truth or following through with what you say. However, following through is by far the most difficult part, and worst of all it takes time. The vast majority want things instantaneously without due sacrifice. If you want something bad enough, the process to get there should be the driving force of the journey.

Stop allowing the fear of the opinions of others drive you to build a façade. If you are looking to become better at something, it will suck at points and you’ll definitely fail multiple times along the way. Don’t look at it as a negative, instead view it as an opportunity to learn from. It’s only through these points of failure, will you learn to grow and become a better version of what you once were. In the end, being an alpha male isn’t a status or a just a cool term to throw around. It’s never given, only earned through living the basic principles of respect, dedication, and humility daily.

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