Live Outcast #2: Visualization Determines the Outcome

By Ian Strimbeck

The human body is a lot more resilient than many give credit for. The mind however, well, it’s the weakest link for most. Whether it be from a lack of confidence or just an easy upbringing, many fall into the trap of negative self-projection. What I specifically mean is individuals going into a difficult task with a mindset that it’ll be impossible to complete. You’ve probably heard many variations of this toxic mental degradation such as, “I can’t,” “Maybe tomorrow,” “Easy for you to say,” “Wow, you’re so lucky.” The latter is my favorite to disseminate because those who’ve put minimal to zero effort into anything in their lives, automatically assume accomplishments made by others are done purely by “luck.” In my personal experience, luck doesn’t exist. You may believe that “x” occurred because of a horoscope, the planetary alignments, karma, or a plethora of other reasons you have an emotional bond to. However, when it’s all said and done getting to where you want to be can only be accomplished with an almost ritualistic purpose, a regimented consistency, and an unrelenting drive to place one foot in front of the other. Beyond all of that and the cement that holds it all together, is having a positive mental attitude (PMA).

 If you’re starting something new as a business or are about to hit your 50thpersonal record (PR) in the gym, you need to go into it knowing you ARE going to hit that goal with 100% certainty. Any shred of doubt or insecurity will eventually manifest into something terrible. You may not see its true destructive tendencies right away. With that being said, five years of consistent negative and pessimistic visualization will do anything but add to your overall growth. In the beginning stages it’ll stunt it, but with enough negativity it can easily turn self-destructive. Having positive visualization can’t be bought, it has to first come through understanding your personal baseline and limits. For example, you can’t expect to have nothing you’re passionate about, yet start your own business. You also can’t expect to deadlift 500 pounds, but you haven’t stepped in a gym in over five years. Having lofty goals are fine, but you need to be realistic as well.

 As the old saying goes, the mind will quit a thousand times before the body will. How you mentally prepare yourself to go into your goal, will either make or break its completion. If something is truly your goal, it will more than likely not come easy. That’s the beauty in it though! Times will be hard, your mind and body will be tired, but don’t quit! That is the true deciding factor between the talkers and the doers. It’s so much more fulfilling to the ego to solely say you’re going to do something versus actually putting in the time, effort, pain, tears, and heartache to complete it. In the end, this life and all its bounties are ripe for the picking. It all comes down to you and your ability to visualize the evisceration of your goals in order to truly fulfill your purpose. 

Kasey PipittComment