The Lone Wolf Club

“Society needs outsiders.”

Alan Watts

By Kasey Pipitt

            In a saturated market of mind-controlled living dead, the best way one can live is as an individual. A life of mental solitude owned by nothing and no one. Free from identity politics, mass media control, and societal expectations. A level of independence so high that no one and nothing can affect it. I’m 29 years old and I am part of a generation that is scrambling to find something to identify with. Diets, political parties, activist groups… Driving themselves to depression and anxiety because they care so much about what they are in the eyes of others. Exhausted by the anger that these groups drive them to have to reinforce their “cause.” So, what about the outsiders? The ones who don’t belong to anything. The ones who are so diverse in who they are that they don’t need to find something to identify with. They belong to themselves. They belong to The Lone Wolf Club. 


            The Lone Wolf Club is an idea. It’s a mentality owned by the aforementioned. An area of the mind for the spiritual nomads that walk this earth. People on their own journey to discover their own meaning to life and their sole purpose in it. We don’t care about the mind melting bullshit that the media spews or what pop culture tells us we have to do, say, or be. This is a group for the folks that have learned the art of being alone by fighting alone. A place for warriors. The dudes and girls that are on a path of introspection. This is a place for those that have awakened to the ruthlessness of the world and combat the influence daily. This is not a place for the weak or easily manipulated, but moreover, the strong and independent. We are in charge of our lives and it is time we act as such.


            They say not to fuck with anyone that isn’t afraid to be alone. There’s a distinct and unique sense of power and purpose for those that aren’t afraid to be alone. In fact, many of us prefer it. A life of not having to prove your worth to anyone or anything except ourselves, I feel, is living freely. We don’t need the added stress of conforming to what everyone else is doing. We live by our own code of ethics and values versus the humanoid script the herds follow. If you’ve ever felt alone in your mind, like you’re the only one that thinks the way you do; like everything around you doesn’t make sense. If you’ve never shied away from your own demons and dark times, but rather embraced them and let them make you stronger, then this is for you. This is to remind you that you’re not alone. That there are many of us out there just like you searching for the same things as you. That have felt the same pain and loneliness that you have. 


            The power is in our hands to steer our lives in the direction that we choose. The power is in our hands to think what we want and let nothing influence us. Let go of everything you’ve ever been told, see what stays. See what works for you. Look around you and observe. Pay attention to what you don’t want to be and what you’re meant to be will naturally come. Life is a game and as far as we know, we only get one chance at it. Live a life so fucking awesome that everyone will remember it. Be so much of yourself that it scares people. Your life is in your hands, dude.

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