Oh the Irony.

By Peter Skabrat

Americans frequently brag about the things that define us as Americans, freedom and liberty. As they should. Our country was founded on these two basic principles. They are what gives us the ability to speak our mind about everything and anything without legal consequence. But, maybe, from an ethological stand point, we are abusing this freedom. It’s no secret that much of the western world is in uproar over damn near anything and everything. The truth is that this easily oppressed and politically correct culture is rooted in deep seated insecurity and the inability to deal with conflict. Someone doesn’t agree with what you think is right? Better prevent them from voicing their opinions under the guise of “hate speech.” Someone doesn’t agree with your lifestyle? Publicly condemn them for “intolerance” so you feel better about your choices. Using big words as scapegoats when a real argument cannot be presented. What gives anyone the right to tell someone else what they can and cannot believe? True tolerance is allowing others to live how they choose, even if its offensive or morally repulsive to the beliefs another has chosen to follow. Doesn’t make them right or wrong. Opinion is not certainty. On both ends of the spectrum.


 I find it funny when left leaning individuals will accuse right leaning individuals of fascism and in then turn right around and commit verbal or physical assault. Sounds a lot like fighting fire with fire, doesn’t it? However, on the other end of the spectrum, we have individuals who infer our rights come from god. That is a worthless explanation to an atheist. To infer our rights come from the state, is a worthless explanation without a law backing up your claims. To enact a law that takes away freedom and liberty from others, spits in the face of the founding principles of our nation and has no business in American society. Where does someone receive the right to force their beliefs on others? I believe that’s called tyranny… The Christian bible tells people to go out and “share” the good news. What part of that implies everyone must conform to someone else’s standards? Same goes for left leaning people. You are all doing the same thing to each other. The only difference is what political or ideological direction you lean. For example, imagine you invite someone over for dinner. Your guest enters your residence with muddy shoes and refuses to take them off. They eat your food and leave the fridge door open. At the end of the night you realize they used your bathroom without flushing and made a mess all over your mirror. Reasonable people wouldn’t invite that guest over again because they failed to respect the rules and common courtesies in your home. That guest is free to treat their own home however they desire but what gives them the right to treat your home in the same manner? But, you have to be tolerant of that because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Doesn’t seem sensible does it?


The projected superiority that many special interest groups, religious organizations, and “social justice warriors” attempt to force on others highlights their insecurities. Their inability to reason and to “agree to disagree.” Their mommy and daddy issues that they have because they were either spoiled or never listened to. Which is fine. We all have them. Everyone wants to have a voice and have it heard. However, if we aren’t heard, should it come at the cost of our sanity? Of our ability to take our own convictions with us and go home with the realization that it doesn’t matter how anyone else is living their life as long as you’re living yours the way you want? It’s time to grown up. It’s time to stop imposing on other people’s lives with your ideologies because that’s just it, they’re yours. Let’s try developing some responsibility and personal growth. No one should have to live in a world where everyone insulates themselves in a society that never forces them to deal with opposing views.

Kasey Pipitt