No One Is Coming To Save You

By Ian Strimbeck

It’s easy to start an endeavor, but are you willing to drag yourself through the muck and mire to achieve glory? Skewed perspectives can prove to be disastrous when it comes to fulfilling your own dreams and goals. By not seeing the full picture, you may unintentionally assume false aspects of an individual’s path to success. You probably won’t see the early mornings and late nights, the times when money is tight, the missed birthdays, the overnight flights, or the scramble to find last minute solutions. Instead, you only see the luxuries, the successes, the new car, or just simply them appearing to be an overnight success. The fact of the matter is that the latter is anything but true.

 While you had no idea who they were or even what they offered, they were out there in the trenches suffering. Why? Because they saw the bigger picture. Anyone who is truly successful isn’t drawn into feeding their aesthetics. They’re successful because they trusted the process along the way. No matter how hard times were or how much easier it would have been to quit, they stayed the course. They aren’t worried about the most “likes” or “followers,” all they care about is achieving their goal(s). This can only be fulfilled if the individual has true unabridged passion for what they believe in. Once you can create confidence in yourself, it will spill over to other aspects in your life.

 You will be tested by the temptations of using shortcuts on the path of your success. Marketing things you don’t believe in for a quick buck is a foolproof way to derail all the forward progress you’ve made. Whether you want to admit it or not, there is no guaranteed hack to happiness. The only thing that can be guaranteed is the amount of purposeful work you put in now, will assist in making your path that much clearer later. When you compare yourself to someone else without seeing the entire image, you may make some careless mistakes. Stay centered and focused on what you need to get there. The dedication that you drive into your goal will naturally bring success along with it.

 Never allow doubt to enter your mind, it’s a cancer that develops strictly out of fear of the unknown. Having a stable job to either support yourself, your family, or both is basically expected out of grown adults. To stray away from it is taboo, and you will possibly be shunned from the majority. Don’t allow the opinions of others to manifest dread and anxiety in yourself. You only have one chance at this life, you will eventually die…we all will. Don’t look at it as a negative, if anything, look at it as a tool to propel you forward to utter greatness. Regardless of all the failures that come in the pursuit of happiness, learn to trust the process. Once you do, you’ll have a fire in your heart to continue even when it appears throwing in the towel is the only option. Never fucking quit and always live with purpose.  

Kasey Pipitt